Friday, February 18, 2005


A friend made a good point today that the "advent of radio and popular music has turned America into a nation of "feelers" instead of "thinkers". The point of music -any music - is to stir emotions one way or the other. Today, we Americans never turn it off, and are constantly emoting or craving the emotion that music stimulates."

Very interesting. Tolkein was said not to listen to anything composed after the 16th or 17th century. The cool music of the Classical Period (like Mozart, Bach) was less designed to stir emotions than the romantic music of Beethoven, which was all about feelings. G. Gordon Liddy says he won't listen to anything other than martial music like John Philip Sousa and the band ABBA (if you can believe that) because so much of modern music has a negative effect on his psyche.

John Derbyshire of NRO (an Anglican) is reading a book describing the unbelieveable excellence of the 13th century. In everything, art, architecture, religion. It seems like Christendom peaked there and then the Black Plague came and, well, look out below.

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