Tuesday, February 22, 2005


I know Hillary Clinton is shameless opportunist and that her "come to Jesus" moment regarding abortion mostly likely comes not from conviction but from a desire to appeal to Red Staters, but gosh darn it I can't help but like that she is at least mouthing the words. Doesn't mean I'll ever vote for her but the fact that she "gets it" - i.e. gets that the '04 election was in part about the fact that Americans didn't want to be led by a president who seemed to have no compunction about killing unborn children - is somehow impressive.

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Comments, e-gads! Testing the waters, are we? I'm not supposed to be commenting anywhere, but this is an historic development ...
I'm livin' large ain't I!

Actually about six months ago I spent an hour or so trying to add comments to my other blog but couldn't get it to work without scrapping that template and I like that template too much...
I don't know if the other blog would be hurt by comments. Maybe not -- you don't often post the kind of thing that invites heated debate and turns the comments into the main point of interest, probably for the blogger as much as for the readers and commenters.

Now who am I to have an opinion on what you do with your blog? No one, really.
True, I think only "controversialist" blogs really require comments, which neither this or my other one are.
I actually meant that I thought the particular enjoyable quality of the Other Blog could be hurt by adding comments to the mix. But that it would probably be less of an issue than on other kinds of blogs. But either way, it's your blog, so my opinion is basically irrelevant.
she's doing more than mouthing the words. she's written all kinds of legislation to make birth control (not abortion, mind you) easier to get for average women.
oh, and the republicans vote against them. they don't want abortion, but they don't want women to not get pregnant i guess.
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