Wednesday, February 16, 2005


I left college devoid of ambition and completely focused on twin goals: early retirement and travel. I rejected society utterly, all of its pomps and works, its toiling over trivialities. I was with Thoreau on this one: What have I to do with society? It had arranged itself so vulgarly that I felt no responsibility. Reading about the past led me to see that the present as inferior in all the crucial ways. We’d traded our birthright for better denistry.

A funny thing happened on my way to the woods. The on-going, life-changing event of religious conversion. This ate at the Thoreauian impulses; the purpose of life was not retirement, was not ease, was not travel. The purpose of life was what He says. And the goals are what He wants. Perhaps rejection of society was not what God ordered. And the bible is replete with instances where ones natural deficiencies are not to be taken as the final word.

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