Thursday, February 17, 2005


I’m chagrined to learn, thirty years too late, that John Denver wasn’t the best formative influence. His music was close enough to church music (at least in the ‘70s) and I felt the comfort personality-wise: he wasn’t David Bowie or Ozzie Osbourne. But...

It’s unfair to judge him. Fame is something few can handle and thererfore to be devoutly avoided; the decades of the ’60s and ‘70s were bru-tile on family values. But Denver taught me that feelings are all that matter. Is it ironic he died in an adrenalin rush? Did he not live for that glandular product? I followed him from Nature to Annie to alcohol to E.S.T...Was he not searching for Christ? Funny, the biggest lies are the ones you don’t even notice? And the biggest lesson he taught was the one he may've never learned: that the only Therapy is the one you can't summon on your own. You can only ask.

He sang of his wife Annie: "You fill up my senses...." Can you honestly be surprised they divorced?

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