Thursday, February 24, 2005


I'm hyp-mo-tized by what you can find on the internet, how you can enflesh old ghosts. And though you can't see the most important thing about them - the state of their soul - you might be able to tell if they're married, where they live, perhaps their profession.

My 4th grade (Catholic school) teacher is now a massage therapist who signed a letter supporting a "woman Roman Catholic priest" (there's one for your oxymoron collection). She's also involved with a far left group called Gamaliel Foundation. She came of age during the '60s and is, like all of us, a creature of her time.

Another ghost was a girl I dated briefly in college who is now married to a guy with an Italian-sounding name. They live in Deerfield, Il, not far from Chicago, in a modest, sub-1000 square foot home.

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There was a girl who was characterized as a liar by some of our high school freshman circle of friends, but I didn't see the evidence. At one time our mutual friends seemed to turn inexplicably cold toward me, and then back to normal; I later learned that she had "exposed" to them what I really thought of them. She had little enough credibility that they eventually decided to dismiss the allegations without ever confronting me. Later, she once left open her notebook so that I could easily see her list of "[RO's] names for us" including "snake in the grass" and "sly fox." (I think two people were sly foxes. Couldn't a teenager in the 90s come up with anything less laughable?)

She apparently did her residency in surgery at a rather prestigious university, and is now listed on our school's alumnae e-mail list as "So And So, MD." She was intelligent and industrious no doubt, but I don't think I'd be comfy with her incising me, though I hope she has changed.
Scary. I posted a few weeks ago about how the elites are really letting us down. Kenneth Lay, the bishops, professors like Churchill all suggest rot at the top. And probably doctors too.
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