Sunday, February 20, 2005


Sigh... My taste in art is limited; limited mostly to nekkid women. Landscapes, they're okay. Portraits, worth a passing glance. But when I pass the beauty of the outdoor sculpture at Darby's Courtyard, the artwork by Jack Greaves of a fountain of naiads, well, I get that. That sort of art I understand! I understand the startling beauty and intrinsic artistry of the female body.

I'm surprised there is no picture of it on the web, at least none that I could find. Because words will fail. But it is a pleasing blend of the old world and the modern, the beautiful hair of one of the naiads seems to take flight just as the water takes flight and just as the birds that loft from the naiads's hair take flight. Their bodies arch in innocent poses astride the fountain, their legs apart.

Like the sun, I can't look at it too long. In fact that's part of the reason I can't describe it better, because I've never looked at it too long. It creates the sort of sexual hunger that Lord knows I don't need any more of.

I'm in awe of those who are spiritually mature enough to be able to be neither Puritans nor Epicureans, those who can enjoy that type of art without stumbling. The fountain I described is aesthetically beautiful; one can look at it, unlike pornography, with aesthetic satisfaction rather than bodily hunger. For me it is an odd mixture of both - it triggers a bodily response while also triggering an "appreciation response" (for want of a better term). I understand that the bodily response is natural and therefore amoral, i.e. neither moral nor immoral, but I also understand that that bodily response is not without cost in the form of a subterranean hunger that likely won't immediately, or even perhaps intermediately, be satisfied.

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