Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Following my policy of leaving nothing unpublished, even if it's published elsewhere, here's a comment I made on m'Lynn's blog:

Walker Percy is so much more lyrical than O'Connor. His prose is dreamlike and sensuous. O'Connor's is so intense and relentless that like Recovering Owl I need break. O'Connor's letters ("Habit of Being") though are beyond wonderful. I sense O'Connor was a much better Christian alas. At least that's what Shelby Foote said about Walker in a collection of letters I read between the two of them. Foote said something like "you're not a Catholic writer like O'Connor".

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You're right about the lyricism. I'm transitioning over to Saul Bellow's Henderson the Rain-King . . . it's a very different sort of novel with a rough sort of lyricism. Nothing as quietly lyrical as Binx noticing an amber drop of Coca Cola sparkling on a girl's thigh . . . . More bluster, I suppose, to reflect a different sort of character. Binx was so familiar that it was painful to listen to him.
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