Thursday, March 17, 2005


Had interesting discussion with a co-worker, a daily Mass goer who described her frustration at the fact that her previous parish priest was a child abuser but was generally beloved and forgiven because he was gregarious and warm and all those things people apparently want in a pastor. Their current priest is less liked because although he's a good administrator and dutiful and thoughtful, he is more reserved.

I'm glad I was able to bite my lip and not say what I was thinking. I was thinking that his gregariousness should've been the first clue that he was cheating on his vow of celibacy. (You know the joke about how women know when their man is cheating - he's suddenly happy.) The most gregarious males are the ones who have regular sex. Adulterers are often charming. JFK was charming because he was living off the thrill-drug of sexual addiction. Some refer to the Black Dog of depression; what color is the dog - the burden - of horniness?

Sex makes men happier, so the celibate priest lives with a sort of handicap, which, of course, is a part of his heroism. Celibate priests are more necessary than ever if only to prove it can be done. So give me reserved faithful priests any day of the week.

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