Thursday, March 31, 2005


I'm fighting off an intense dislike for everyone who is contra-Terri Schiavo or Christianity in general. I'm laid low by the insults by being called an idiot by colunmist/bloggestress Nall (by virtue of being on the Christian right), by the Protestant anti-Catholic minister who can't find a good word to say about the Pope, by Chris Matthews. I shouldn't take it personally because it is most certainly not about me. Being called an idiot shouldn't phase me. It is about Terri. It's about the Church. It's about Christ.

Collecting insults from tv/blog pundits eventually just wear at you unless you respirate them out in prayer and journal. Praying for them may sound condescending given my own beams but it is spiritually medicinal.

Nall blog-hates the Christian right. Most days I don't visit her site, but see my blog title. But we can't fight fire with fire. By definition a follower of Christ can't spew hatred for hatred. A conservative radio host in Cincinnati said this morning that he's been getting hate mail you can't believe from pro-Terri Christians concerning the Schiavo case, littered with G-d's and m-f's.

Chris Matthews this morning reacted viscerally to Don Imus's saying simply that he liked Sen. Santorum. Matthews was outraged that Sen. Santorum recently said a prayer before that Schiavo special Senate session because they didn't have a chaplain. He said it shows we're heading towards a theocracy. So Matthews is okay with having a chaplain say a prayer before a senate session but not a senator? The paranoia and hysteria over Christianity these days is surreal and beginning to seem demonic.

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