Tuesday, April 19, 2005


I decided to write a novel because I have Microsoft Word and writing one has never been easier.

My friend told me to make an outline because that’s what some published authors do. I thought about that. But I began writing it anyway because I like seeing paragraphs, not outlines of paragraphs.

I know I have to introduce characters. I’m not sure you can write a novel without characters. Perhaps it’s been done but I’m not aware of it.

Describing characters has never been more difficult because they have to be based on real life people unless you have a really terrific imagination. Yet we real life people often make ourselves into one-dimensional characters by one-dimensional lives. Even when something really serious comes along, like our death, we have our loved ones tell the mortuary to decorate our coffins with Cleveland Browns paraphenaila. It’s hard to take us seriously even though we’re created by God Himself and we’re the most serious thing there is on earth. We whittle our lives down by avoiding pain in all its forms and then expect the trumpets to blow come Judgment Day.

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