Monday, April 04, 2005


I feel like there’s been too much to absorb of late. First the ups and downs with regard to Terri’s situation. Was I doing enough? Was I praying and fasting enough? Did I care enough? It was a haunting. When Congress came in and the President like a white knight arrived in the middle of the night to sign a bill they seemed to make things right with the world again. The good guys always win, don’t they? But then came the court hammer which said, in effect, “we’ll take a message and get back to you”. And when the message came in it wasn’t good. The feeding tube sat unused. And Terri died suddenly, not suddenly, after some 13 days, and the injustice was made permanent, writ on tombstone.

And I hadn’t been able to digest that. It was still on the subconscious. Drained with no time to refill, our Pope was suddenly on a feeding tube. And then he died. And now I can't catch up. I need to write all this out.

• • • • •

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