Monday, April 04, 2005


I ill spent my illness I’m afraid. I laid down and watched all of “Lawrence of Arabia” which led to a bit of curiosity about T.E. Lawrence. I read an encyclopedia entry about him. He seemed a daredevil but what made him tick? Did he really die in a motorcycle accident after the war? How like Patton this sounded. Both took enormous risks in war only to die in the vehicle accidents in the safety of peace.

I did watch the “Passion of Joan of Arc”, a 1928 silent film. It was pretty good if only for the excerpts from the transcript of her trial. Enjoyed seeing when and where she made those comments that seemed to twist her persecutors in knots, so like Christ did of the Pharisees who were constantly trying to trap him. Some of the faces were positively Fellini-like. Very odd and memorable. The film certainly lived up to the title – she did have something close to Christ’s passion. Even to being mocked by wearing a faux crown and scepter. And her feeling of being forsaken which made her sign a confession.

I watched “I Dream of Jeannie” and “The Munsters” which are the sort of sticky confection that go so well with sickness. I can’t imagine watching “The Munsters” healthy. I just can’t slow my mind and body sufficiently to do something so wasteful and in the moment. Sad.

Still I could’ve read much more. I could’ve read deeply of prose-y books filled with art. One needs a spot of art in life. I should’ve picked up something meaty and yet readable, like “War and Peace”. After the last Percy read there’s a real hole in my reading artillery. I can’t find anything lyrical and consolatory. Sure I could read Updike but he’s so inconsistent. Maybe I could get Proust. Instead I was reading about a woman reading Proust. Two degress of separation kind of thing, but not the same. Accept only original sources.

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