Friday, April 08, 2005


I’m involved in an alcohol relocation program – relocating it from the refrigerator to my stomach.

* * *

I’m a bit jealous of Walker Percy’s enthralldom with semiology. He always felt like he was “on to something” even though semiologists suggests his studies were, well, crackpot. I’ve always longed to be a crackpot, but for optimal effect I don’t think you can know you’re one. It’s like watching a baseball game and thinking it as pointless. There has to be meaning infused in it, something riding on it, for it to be truly engaging. Which is why I tend to watch Opening Day and the playoffs. Both make or break heroes. And the heroic is what enthralls us.

* * *

Everything you need to know about the ‘80s can be said by the fact that there was a successful rock band that called themselves “Loverboy”.

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