Sunday, April 03, 2005


Just heard an "audioblog" on Surburban Banshee's site. She sings a self-written protest song about Terri Schiavo. The lyrics are good and after some initial tenseness her voice quite good. Still, it cracks me up what hams we bloggers are. It's not enough to show off with our writing, now we want to make sure others hear our voice. On the other hand, an audioblog is crack cocaine to the reader. I was grateful that she took the chance and even googled "St. Blog's" + "audioblog" to find others. There is a great satisfaction in hearing someone's voice or seeing a picture after reading them for awhile.

But I think posting a picture or putting your voice on the blog is a destroyer of mystery. Let the reader imagine. Imagination is good. Of course, if you are good looking or have an excellent voice then destroying the mystery isn't the worst thing to do. Since I'm average looking with an average voice, I'm in no particular hurry to ham it up. Give my regards to Broadway, remember me to Harold's Square...

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