Friday, April 08, 2005


So much news in such a short period. One feels more alive when history makes a housecall. The overhype of the 24-7 cable news means that what is considered news is usually cotton candy mistaken for steak. But this – oh this – is different. When a saint dies you become attentive. When a pope dies, you become attentive. When a saint and a pope dies you hold the moment to your bosom because you know that you’ll not see this, or their like, again. A teachable moment, and one that by virtue of its surpassing rarity it imprints on your consciousness. As rare as one of our yearly liturgies, a papal funeral Mass is as rare as it gets. And now comes the unbearable suspense in waiting to see who the Cardinals choose as our next spiritual father. The saying goes “may you live in interesting times” and these times are interesting. The news of the past four years as been nothing if not electric. A tied 2000 election that went to the Supreme Court. 9/11. Iraq. Terri Schivao. The Pope. So much grist for prayer. These times seem to call for involvement.

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