Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Thought experiment: I sent the book out to a fellow blogger at their request and at my expense (i.e. it was free to them). Should I feel put out that they never acknowledged receipt of it let alone thanked me? Perhaps they thought that they would have to say something kind about it in order to acknowledge it and they preferred not to say anything instead of something negative. I wonder if I should email that person and ask them if they received it or just suck it up and "offer it up" as was popular pre-Vatican II? The funny thing is I seem to have a different standard for Catholic bloggers than a cousin or uncle. If a relative had asked for it, I would've sent it and expected no comment. Interesting...

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I think you should e-mail them about it. It could be that they;ve not recieved it, or that they are absentminded and have meant to thank you, but haven't.

Or they could just be a jerk. ;)
I probably should email them only because I'm holding it against them and it will give them a chance to prevent me from holding it against them. If I was farther along the road to humility I suppose it wouldn't be an issue!
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