Friday, July 15, 2005


My past haunts – ironically, not my past salaciousness, but my past of perfect zeal soon after I reverted. In that perfect zeal I felt a closeness to the Church Fathers – me and Cyril were like tthis (press fingers together) – and now I feel a bit more…a bit more distant. Like Cyril of Jerusalem and Tom of Columbus aren’t bosom buddies. I suppose I wasn’t as good then, nor as bad as I think I am now. Feelings are a ruse engineered by the devil.

Karen Hall of “Some Have Hats” is so admirably Ignatian and Thomas of Disputations so Thomisty and Steven Riddle so Johnian and Dawn Eden so Kolbe-ian that sometimes I fear that I’ve left behind some saint that I’m supposed to revere but have been too dense to pick up the signals. Am I too flighty when it comes to saints? I’ve had brief but powerful liaisons with St. Pio and St. Therese, and Blessed Margaret. Am I disloyal to them in not consistently remembering them or am I assuming their interest in me is greater than it actually is?

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