Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Went to the Clippers game today, an exercise in futility. It’s amazing how banal baseball can be in the wrong circumstances. Perhaps I wasn't in the mood. But the sound in the ballpark was deafening – every school group in Central Ohio was there and they have lungs and they make good use them. People were coming and going with a frequency that defies decription. It felt like a social event with a baseball game serving as the computer wallpaper. Does anyone really watch a game anymore? I think when you charge so little (as is the case in minor league baseball) perhaps no one cares enough to actually watch the game. With the Reds everyone is infinitely quieter and more attententive (although I recognize it could be a class or age difference). The game is qualitatively different with the Reds - it's almost meditative. At Clipper's Stadium it's as meditative as a school dance.

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