Friday, September 02, 2005


Oh but it seemed like yesterday when I was vying for first fat male jogger to run shirtless through Goodale Park! Where did the time go? Now the fall pawns itself upon us, and everyone praises it, their favorite time of year they say, but it feels of me of endings, not beginnings, and it feels of nostalgia, not hope.

Live in the moment! adulthood says, and yet how to live in the moment without being careless and foolish, and yet the reminders emblazon themselves across the sky--nature is against us, the air has the smell of apocalyptic about it, of 9/11 and now this, and we knew L.A. or Orleans would go, we just didn't know which first, and now the city of the dead is the city of the dead and dying and the birds fly formations as if a Siege was coming and I shower, and it's hot, and the soap smells good and I wonder how to reconcile that while at the same time thousands on the Gulf breathe stench and filth and there is no water?

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