Saturday, November 26, 2005


AO gave me a handout on faith versus works, a quick study he did for his Protestant bible study. I treated it as the radioactive material it was. I’m not going there. But he gave it to me in good faith, pun intended, as he was seriously wanting to reconcile Paul & James. It sounded much like the Luthern-Catholic document on justification – basically that works come out of an authentic faith. But I do see talking religion with AO & Julie is a danger. “Win an argument lose a soul" said Bishop Sheen, but I've never not tried to win an argument and I’m no better at throwing arguments than Homer Simpson is at resisting a Krispy Kreme.


I must’ve hit the wrong combination of keys ‘cuz that awful Office Assistant has visited my Word document. He (she?) is in the form of a paper clip and darned if I’m not having a hard time right-clicking him to oblivion. Those hang-dog eyes. Maybe I’ll keep him around like a pet while I’m writing.

Uh-oh, the bastard is starting to wear out his welcome. He just got this distracting yellow light bulb over his head. I click it and it says that "Word can finish words for you". Why doesn't he mind his own bidness? Maybe I like typing! Go back to sleep doggie, I mean clippie.


Been reading a pleasant mix of books. “Sin Killer” by Larry McMurtry, Chesterton’s biography of Francis, 1916: A Novel of Irish Rebellion and “Separated at Birth”, concerning the two Koreas. Want to get back to the Jeff Davis bio and finish that bad boy. I want to read Dubay’s book on prayer even though I suspect books on prayer are like books on sex – if you have to read about it you ain’t doing it right. Both resist formulas.

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Bern and her Mom saw the Cash movie and liked it too. I'll probably see it on DVD. Would be interested to know what McMurtry's Sin Killer is all about.
McMurtry's book is set in the old West, which makes it inherently interesting to me. And his dialogue is pungent and sharp. It's a nice change-of-pace from my other stuff.
This is aimed more at the Reformed tradition than Lutherans, but I found it very helpful in understanding where Catholic beliefs and some Protestant understandings diverge.

A Tiptoe Through Tulip
Thanks Roz.
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