Wednesday, November 02, 2005


I feel the need. The need for a beer.

October always feels like the Niagra river, beautiful and rustic, rushing and hushing while hurling you headlong towards...disaster. But I eggs-asperate. I'm just a bit tahred. (that's the way they say 'tired' down south). Had Bingo Thursday eve, dinner out with AO & J on Friday, my niece, nephew, sister & 'rents on the weekend, and then last night was Trick and/or Treat in which our goal was to not get any chitlins bitten by our barking shepherd dog. Then last night, to placate my wife, was a gouge of television which, as we know, is the least nourishing part of anyone's diet. I'm in reading-beer deficit: I can't recall the last time I read a beer label.

I'd ruther some 'oetry. It's amazing how a few words - Orkney, highlands, sea - can provoke a reaction similar to the actual scenes signified:

The writer of the highlands
left a gaping valley
ascending distant mountains
playing discalced pipes.

Gone from the Orkney Islands
the lass from Skara Brae
appealed she to our better nature
as well as to our worst.

• • • • •

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