Thursday, November 17, 2005


I’m never quite sure whether it’s better to ignore the obvious or mention it in hopes of exorcising it: Having seasonal affective disorder means never having to say you’re sorry about complaining about the weather. Or should I say that hating the winter means always assuming you have seasonal affective disorder. The obvious in this case is that it’s time to short autumn. I’m frankly bearish on the fall. I’m long on the winter. Somebody call my broker.

So what’s my beef? That this string of Thanksgiving-Christmas is the longest and least pleasant stretch of the year? True, but by definition there has to be a long, unpleasant stretch of the year, at least relative to the rest of the year. If the year is a bell curve you’re always going to have outliers of suckiness, so be it. The rest of the year wouldn’t look so good but for the unpleasant stretch of the year. "Wake me when it's February" certainly sounds unduly pessimistic.

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Umm... OT, but thanks for linking Ziggy on your other blog. It's refreshing. This is why I view your blog(s) as a sort of oasis from the faster-paced regions of the blog world. Am I mixing metaphors or anything?

I think my kindergarten teacher gave me a Ziggy Christmas card.
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