Friday, December 09, 2005


I'm always surprised at being surprised. Afterwards I ask myself how to have not been surprised, as if surprise was something you can anticipate.

But there it was. It was one of those see how much my ol' heart can take evenings and it reverbs still.

First I was driving home from work like any other night, smoking a cigar while listening to the cheerful Irish chunes. A little bit o' heaven.

And then I notice an odor, like someone's burning leaves. I open the window a little wider, sniffing. Next thing I know my eyes are burning and the darkened car is filled with smoke. Dang nab, the car's afire! She could blow! Scottie what should I do? How long can I ride 'er?

And yet why isn't there any smoke coming out the hood? It appeared to be coming from the steering wheel column.

I opened the window wider but the smoke became heavier so I pulled over and took the keys out of the ignition. I try several times to call the local Ford dealer, to see what they think it might be (low on steering wheel fluid cause this?). Meanwhile the cab of the truck continues to huff and puff.

They tell me to bring her in and so I reluctantly re-enter. By this time it's not too bad. A few minutes and I'm at the dealership getting out of the truck when I notice...a pile of ash...a nearly burnt-up CD...

Yes a cigar ember hit some paper and the rest was history.


After that adrenalin rush I get home, check my email and it's from the editor of a well known Christian magazine wanting me to write something for them. I rub my eyes in disbelief. Someone I'd seen on TV had emailed me. Someone I'd seen on TV, an editor from the isle of Manhattan, had taken notice of my blog.

The world is an awfully strange place sometimes, capable of as it is of surprises good and bad.

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